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Keith Russell by Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Keith Russell. I live smack bang in the middle of a busy lifetime. I was born and raised in the Netherlands but now live and work in Melbourne, Australia.

I moved to Australia to work for the Australian National Data Service, ANDS for short. ANDS aims to help institutions in Australia by leading the creation of a cohesive national collection of research resources and a richer data environment that will make better use of Australia's research outputs, enable Australian researchers to easily publish, discover, access and use data and enable new and more efficient research. This is done through funding projects, uncovering data sets through Research Data Australia, offering services like Cite My Data and providing expertise and sharing knowledge. ANDS does not do this on its own but in partnership with institutions and related bodies in Australia. This work also connects with work on research data worldwide through the Research Data Alliance and DataCite. In this organisation I am a Partnership Program Manager which means I connect with the other partners in Australia.

I am the proud father of two lovely kids. When I have the time I like to go outside. After starting off sea kayaking I have tried other types of kayaking including canoe polo. To keep my body moving I hop around with the Britannia Morris men. I regularly meet up (online) with a group of friends to discuss a article or book. We have discussed Scruton, Russell, Kant, Nietzsche among others and are now occupied with developments in our present day society. But it is most certainly also about the beer and crisps.